Foam Parties

Foam Parties

What is a Foam Party?

You might think foam is made from soap and water, so you are going to get cold, wet, and sticky. BUZZ! Wrong answer!! Although your clothes will get damp, you will not feel cold when you are in the foam, it will keep you warm. The solution we use in our foam machines is 100% Organic and is 90 percent air and the rest is water and solution. Don’t be mislead, using soap and other solutions are not safe! Stay away from those solutions made of chemicals and petroleum or anything with sulfates! Chemicals can dry your eyes causing damage to your retinas and in some cases can lead to blindness! Chemicals can also cause rashes and make it very difficult to breath! DON’T DO IT, IF IT IS NOT ORGANIC!

Foam Parties USA has joined with the leaders in the foam party industry to bring to you what is considered the BEST foam parties! With over 20 years in the Foam party scene, it is no doubt that we are the top players! Foam Parties USA dominates them all!. Foam parties make everlasting memories to all that attend. Do not settle for the typical over used theme or boring event, when you can be covered from head to toe in refreshing, luxurious ORGANIC FOAM!

The most important rule for Foam Parties USA is that everyone who attends has loads of fun, and enjoys the experience, however crazy it sounds! If you haven’t tried it at least once, you are missing out on the ultimately refreshing, party going experience and should capture the opportunity to do so!

Last but not least, put those other parties to shame and have the time of your life! Get soaked, dance, and have LOADS OF FOAM PARTY FUN!

For more information about Foam Parties, please visit Foamalicious Foam Party website.